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A Meditation Retreat to Explore Divinity Within Us

नेपाली लिङ्क अगस्ट ५, २०२३

“All your troubles are caused by your head; your thoughts, your reasoning, your arguing, your obsession and wondering.” – Osho

We all have an extremely busy life, and this means we are away from ourselves, away from our true nature, away from true happiness and away from the beauty of planet Earth as well as the magical activities of the Universe. 

Osho says, “The mind is a beautiful Servant but a dangerous Master.”

All creativities happen due to the mind but same time too many thoughts bring us misery, restlessness, and mental problems. We are like thinking machines. 

Meditation brings us awareness.  An awareness of mental activities, awareness of bodily activities, awareness of emotion, and awareness of our connection with the surrounding. 

The stillness of mind can give us a pleasant experience of our true self (love, kindness, compassion and bliss), clarity of vision, purity of heart, and non-dualistic experience. 

Due to the duality of the mind, we are fighting ourselves, not being able to experience peace and bliss. 

Existence has allowed the experience of ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda’. 

Living with persuasive happiness doesn’t give us ultimate happiness. That happiness depends on possession and our belongings, and if we lose it, we become broken, bitter, and shattered because our happiness was attached to those things. Furthermore, most of us are not able to get good sleep even though a wandering mind disturbs sleep patterns too. 

We completely forget that we are here for a short period. This planet is a stage and we are acting; we are just an actor, and we have to perform our role. We can’t perform if we are not supported by the  Universe. 

We are the total unity of the sun, earth, water, air and sky; the sum of energy. We are just a blend of cosmic energy. Without the balance of that energy, we experience diseases and illnesses. Yoga and meditation help us to harmonise that energy and with it, our health will be at an optimum level. 

Nowadays we become so mechanical that we feel less and think more. As a result, it is hard for us to maintain pure love, trust, compassion and kindness. We have no time to listen to others and to feel others. The heart is being captured by the mind. The mind is being veiled from the open heart and the unconditional love of our surroundings and all part of the universe. 

Osho says “True religion will always create dance in you, true religion will always create a song in you, true religion will create the divine melody in you. True religion is nothing but true happiness.” 

Likewise, Osho has created more than 650 meditation techniques which help our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Some techniques are active meditation such as Dynamic meditation, Kundalini meditation, Nataraj meditation and so many others. Similarly there are No dimension, No mind and Mystic Rose. There will be dance, celebration, laughter, and silence 

Some of us ‘Osho Sannyasins’ have organised a three-day Meditation Retreat in a beautiful Hotel at Maidenhead from 26th to 28th of August, 2023.

There will be pure vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tea, coffee, and biscuits in between. 

The morning will start with Pranayam and Yoga followed by Dynamic meditation and others. 

The facilitator will be Swami Anand Arhat who lives at Osho Tapoban in Nepal which is the Hub for the meditation.

Swami Ananda Arhat has devoted his life on a spiritual path, organising and conducting meditation camps in Nepal as well as around the world.

This is a divine opportunity. We would like to invite you all to celebrate life together, to be ourselves, and to experience life in another dimension.

-By Ma Dhyan Ajita

(Ajita is a senior nurse at Stoke Mandeville hospital, she lives in Aylesbury, England.)


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