मंगलबार, असोज १६, २०८०
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नेपाली लिङ्क मे २४, २०२१

Swopnil Devkota

She stepped out in the cool mist, inhaling the fresh morning air, filling her lungs with hope. The day had finally come, as now she could finally break the chains and shackles she had been tied with. Letting her soul roam free! She could sense the energy with each ray of sun pouring upon her with the golden lines. She could finally break open the door that had been so tightly shut, it wouldn’t budge. Oh yes, the day had come when she could finally breathe the scent of freedom from now on!

Her disheveled self that she had been gazing morning and day had now broken into pieces like that old mirror that stood in her dressing room. She moved towards the water tap to wash her face, along with which her fatigue, worry, hopelessness, sleeplessness, anger, irritation, washed away with every drop of water touching her face. She slowly changed into her new clothes, her unexplained aches that surged every day slipping by as the old clothes hit the floor. She applied her cosmetics, which would now no longer hide her self-loathing, her pained expression but would pour color into her new beginning.

As she took her step towards the kitchen, eager to grab a bite, with every swallow of the food she had, she swallowed the unhappiness that used to surround her, which always took her appetite away. She stood in front of the mirror again, where her face had been painted with a genuine smile, which she did not have to force into her lips just so she could hide her pain.

She finally could see herself, understand herself which she often felt was not done appropriately, where now she could finally hear the cackle of her laughter in place of the unshed tears and agony she suppressed within. She stood there, perfect for herself, where now her thoughts no longer crawled with doubts. She was not reckless, she understood that.

She was a fighter, who fought with herself, day and night, lying so messed up in her bed, where she usually felt she lost herself. But now she had understood, she no longer felt lost, she felt found, with the power surging inside her that never did before. All she needed was that bit of faith within her and she found it!

Depression is not easy. Dealing with it is not easy, but healing is possible! Let us normalize a call for help for mental health. Let us break free as she did!


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