मंगलबार, मंसिर १९, २०८०
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At least 33 Nepalese died of Covid-19 in UK

नेपाली लिङ्क अप्रिल २६, २०२०

London- At least 33 people of Nepalese origin have died of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom as of Saturday 25 April.

Various sources including the Embassy of Nepal at London and Gurkha Welfare Trust have confirmed the number of those deaths.

The embassy has said that they had been informed of 24 deaths of people from Nepali origin in UK who died from COVID-19.

Gurkha Welfare Trust has confirmed 7 further deaths. And, the Nepali Link, London based a leading news portal has confirmed two more deaths of COVID-19 from its own source.

The full details on how many people of Nepalese origin are infected or at hospital in the UK are not available yet.

But, it’s estimated that hundreds of Nepalese are infected and few dozens remain at the hospitals now.


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