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International Mother Language Day celebrated

नेपाली लिङ्क फ्रेब्रवरी २६, २०२१

London-International Mother Language Day was celebrated on the virtual platform recently with poetry and songs on Sunday, 21 February.

Organised by Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence UK, the programme titled Kaavyaanjali had highlighted 27 languages, including some that are endangered.

Diplomats, eminent literary figures, renowned singers and community members have participated in the event with spirited passion.

Renowned composer from Ladakh Rinchen Wacher presented his poem on the importance of speaking in native language, while popular Punjabi singer Amrinder Bobby sang a touching song on respecting womenfolk.

Nepali poem was presented by poet and critic Acharya Durga Prasad Pokhrel. He briefly introduced the history and present status of Nepali language.

The recited poems were translated into English for broader audience. The organiser will publish the collection of recited poems as an anthology.


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